Starbursting Simulator

Select a Background: First, click an image below to select a background. Ideally, the background would be similar to a scene with which you are already familiar. Be careful about clicking an thumbnail below before you've copied and saved a link to your work. The page will reload, and if you haven't saved your work, you'll lose your work (check directions below on how to save a link to your work).

How to Start: Imagine your starbursting and halos as a collection of the starburst shapes below. Click any starburst shape, and it will appear on all the lights in the background image.

Combine Starburst Shapes: Any number of starburst shapes can be combined. There are a total of 48 starburst shapes. Some are duplicates, because these shapes are commonly used with patients who have night vision problems.

Rotate, Resize, vary Transparency: Each starburst shape can be rotated, resized, and have its transparency (opacity) changed individually. This makes it possible to create an enormous variety of composite starburst from a few basic shapes.

Click Background for New Starbursts: The program remembers the size of the most recent starburst you worked with. Clicking the background clones this starburst at the clicked position.

Resize a Starburst: The Sburst Size slider resizes the last starburst clicked or moved. Each starburst is resized individually.

Delete a Starburst: Resize a starburst to zero, then click another starburst. The old starburst is forgotten.

Transfer Starburst to New Background: Copy the part of the link that begins with &elements and before &numberOfStarbursts. This defines the starburst elements or shapes and how they appear. Browse to the new background and paste in the copied part. Load the page.

Alter the Background: The HBlur blurs the background horizontally. VBlur blurs the background vertically. Contrast raises or lowers the contrast of the background. There is currently no way of producing a ghosted background image.

Save your simulation: Right click your simulation and select "Save Image As." Type a name, and save the image to your local drive. Now it's yours and can be saved anywhere, but you agree to leave the logo intact.

Save your work: Copy the link below into a new browser tab. Bookmark it. Or, email it to yourself. Or, post it on a forum.