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Results from PROWL-1 and PROWL-2 have been released. The numbers were not encouraging. Up to 4% of patients reported being dissatisfied with their LASIK outcome. If you are in those 4%, please contact me. I'd like to illustrate your vision. What you need to know is this: Quantitative data look scientific, but have an enormous capacity to hide problems. The FDA should be evaluating LASIK for safety AND efficacy. That's its mandate. Unfortunately, its studies don't do this. Safety is about what can happen, and how bad it is when it does happen. Efficacy is about what usually happens. Studying safety thus requires examining the 4% in enormous detail. Questionnaires can't do that. Instead, it's necessary to actually look at the vision of these patients to understand what their experience is, and that requires vision simulations. If you participated in PROWL-1 or PROWL-2, I'll be happy to illustrate your vision. Quantitative and qualitative data are always viewed as complementary in solving important scientific problems. The world needs to know how you see.

Visual Snow Simulator: Patients who complain of Visual Snow literally see what resembles "television snow," that is, specs or particles that blink on and off in their vision. Unfortunately, no one knows what causes visual snow, but given its strong resemblance to "noise in the system," it could be that neural activity in the visual cortex is simply operating at too high a baseline, with many neurons firing more often than they should. At the level of perception, this would be seen as white specks in the visual field.